As Good as Possible

"Being good is self-explained, for me it is to be extremist with the well done"

Three Red Apples

«As Good as Possible» is born from the honest limit we assume in terms of knowledge because in this specialty are very poorly seen the "computer polymaths."

That is why I chose it as the motto for the organization, as part of our inability to do everything, and our humility to recognize it. In this profession almost daily we must study something different and update knowledge.

Apart from other principles that I will present here, it is also important to recognize that over the years, nine already, the reality has been enjoying us with a lot of experience.

Being good is self-explained, for me it is to be extremist with the well done, starting from the commitments, continuing by the form and ending in a constant debt with the quality: If it's not going to be well, it is not done. It refers to ethics and professionalism, in all my writings I highlight these two principles, without them it is not possible to carry out a robust project that has a positive impact and much less make it last in time.

For its part, "as possible" refers to the honest limit that: we are not the only ones, nor we are the owners of absolute truth; As there are many ways to solve the same problem. However, it gives the certainty that in every commitment made, we will do everything that is within our reach, overcoming and continuous rectification included, to fulfill all the above arguments.

«As Good as Possible» means all that and any other complementary point of view that the people involved in the Project want to contribute, as long as the basic principles are not undermined.

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