Can I be a Freelance if I am not an IT?

As antique as Sherlock Holmes' stories

Sherlock Holmes LondonThe answer is: Yes! Some friends have told me personally their doubts about how they can be Freelancers if they are not from the IT area. And I think that this doubt is due to a lack of information on the subject.

I will try to shed some light ... for anyone who is asking the same question.

First, do not confuse the Freelancer work with the work at a distance (teleworking), Freelancer is about working independently (on your own) and it is nothing new. Sherlock Holmes was Freelancer.

Now, we are talking about something else, when we refer to a Freelancer who also does or can do his work from home.

But first let's go to a topic. What can you do in a Freelancer way if you are not Computer Science professional? I think that everything, but you have to mature a little.

The first thing, in my opinion, is to stop thinking like a worker in an 8-hour job, that's fundamental. The second thing is that you should stop waiting for a boss looking at you or reviewing your work during 8-hour job nor think of being interacting with colleagues during same period... not physically at least. And lastly: try to create a little the minimum conditions appropriate for your business turn.

You have to understand that after the knowledge revolution, knowledge products and knowledge workers appeared. So you may find that a professional, a doctor for instance, is a "traditional" employee, when he gives consultations in a hospital, he is a Freelancer if he is dedicated to treating patients on his own and is a knowledge worker if he decides to start make a YouTube channel or teach by videoconferences.

Then, giving route to the question that titles this post... The answer is yes, it only depends on what you want to do with what you know and how you want to do it. You could even do it by mixing ways.

Now... What happens if there is not freelancers in my business turn, let alone telecommuting?

I advise you in that case, Be creative and unleash your imagination, you can come up with the first way to do it.

I've seen carpenters owning youtube channels with a lot of subscribers, in case you did not know, youtube pays for that, the brands of the tools also pay for the opinions of their products... then,  yourself lay down the limits in terms of doing teleworking, being a Freelancer or being a "classic-stlyle" worker.

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