Do not follow sales on Mondays

A tip that will help you in your sales ...

Old red phoneFirst I want to start by clarifying that I do not consider myself a very good seller but quite the opposite, I think that is one of my main weaknesses. But, as it is one of my recognized weaknesses, I dedicate special attention to trying to overcome this "obstacle". For this I have been looking for mentoring in the subject, those good friends who are always willing to teach you and share valuable experiences with you.

I talked today with one of them, who incidentally has suggested a new potential customer, I sayed:

- I've written an email to X and it's been more than a week... Could you give me his number to call him?

To which my friend replies:

- Do not make follow-up calls on Mondays, people are involved with that week's agenda...

Many times the simplest recommendations are the ones that give you more information.

And at that moment I was thinking, like... Is more than obvious! How I did not think of it before?

It is logical to think that, in view of the fact that people resume their work on Mondays, it's a "complicated" day for many. Especially for those "decision makers" just which  should be attempted to contact in order to achieve agreements.

In other words, it makes a lot of sense not to "bother" your customers on Mondays, unless it is essential.

Lesson learned!

Have you ever had to sell something? When do you make follow-up calls?

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