"Forrest Gump" Style leadership

«Stupid is as stupid does» - F. Gump -

Forrest Gump Running

Today it started raining and I did not want to go out to get wet, other times I do, but today I decided to change my routine for the afternoon (I hope it does not rain).

I believe that leadership is learned when the conditions exist in which a group of people needs to be guided and then someone takes the initiative to guide them, or the group designates it formally or informally. But all leaders have one characteristic in common: They take the first step and... then continue.

Leadership has been defined a lot and, like almost everything that fascinates people, popular leaders have been evaluated up to weariness.

I see a direct relationship between doing physical activity and leading, to which I will refer below:

Physical activity is understood by: "conscious activity" planned and executed with some frequency. Even if you walk all day or remain standing most of the time, it does not imply that you are doing physical activity.

People who make an effort to exercise always stand out over others. Think of your group of classes, friends, family or work and then you will identify who goes to jogging, who rides a bike, or who does dance therapy. Runner under rain

That's where the relationship lies: Everyone knows that exercising is tiring, all those who have tried have had pains in their muscles and many leave for that cause, and others who have started stop doing so by claiming "lack of time" despite Jogging "wins" time. That is why, we recognize the willpower of whoever does it, we see it as someone hard and determined, it seems to us someone bold, especially if it does marathons or competitions and therefore: we can follow such a person.

It does not mean that when you start trotting behind you there will be a squad of people like "Forrest Gump", but you will have high morale, and you can make yourself follow by others, on the asphalt and away from it.

The references to running are the ones I use most since it is the activity that I practice most frequently. But the analysis is useful for any other physical activity: cycling, mountaineering, swimming, etc.

So now you know. As head of a project, a department, a company, a group of people or your own home or without being boss of anything. You can become a leader or strengthen your leadership position if you invite, persuade and convince your area of influence to join you. And if you get a group of people to meet outside the usual area in order to share that common activity you have exercised a very positive strong leadership over them.

But if you don't succeed in spite of everything, it will strengthen you to recognize yourself as your leader, every time you make yourself follow, even when it rains.

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