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Theory of a new business paradigm

Two ways to take

First of all, I would like to clarify that I don't have any academic studies in business administration and everything I´ll expose here is product of my observation and experience. I have neither read about this topic in magazines or specialized literature, therefore any likeness with any existing theory is coincidence. My sole objective is to argue the reason of my interest in having a team of associates of great diversity and quantity in my business project. Hopefully somebody additionally will read it and will generate a healthy debate.

I have had the opportunity to work in several companies as an employee and as a businessman. During my journey I have been able to experience the processes, structure and soul of organizations. I have allowed myself to create a paradigm of this type of company. First: it is owned by a board or a limited group of people. Second: it is physically located in a particular postal address or in more than one, but it always has a place and Third: it is legally established in a country or region. Highlighting: it is a finite entity, with physical, legal and property limits. On the other hand, being an entrepreneur is owning a company. The company exists a long time ago and as far as I know has not changed much in this essence that I expose. Despite the stability of the paradigm, the company has had to change, it is obvious that this will happen as the company has been linked to the development revolutions.

In the technological revolution we are experiencing, technology-related opportunities are more noticeable to younger people, hence the majority of successful cases of technology companies are attributed to the so-called Millennials. On that context, the existing business paradigm begins to transform into another type of business with diffuse limits: the Internet limit and its implications. The company today does not need to be large to be transnational, more so when its own definition limits it to the simple fact of having business and commercial operations in different countries. Therefore, any organization having a website or an online store that sells its products or services outside of its country of residence, technically speaking: is a transnational company. For it, to be so it was only necessary to break the physical distance.

So, if any company with the current technology can become transnational, entrepreneurs or aspirants to be should be aware that in the moment they decide to put their products on the Internet they in fact can become transnational operators.

My approach to the new paradigm comes on the subject, bearing in mind that business board members do not need to be physically in one place, to be part of it, they neither need to have the same nationality, or speak the same language. Many companies today are hiring people that work from distance. But beyond technical issues; why should business associate members or owners of a new kind of business need to know each other?

  1. Topics related to the legality of the organization

  2. Issues related to the security of its financial operations

  3. Subjects related to the existing laws where they reside and Tax requirements

That is, by the boundaries established by the existing business paradigm.

If it'd exist a virtual Internet headquartered country, with the regulations of any country adapted to the internet. Would the issue be resolved? In that country the limit would then only be common sense, logic, the common good, human principles, human rights and the capacity of technology. It seems science fiction, but now these new generation countries exist: Google, Facebook, Twitter and many more. Others with concepts and ideas of people, which have not even been written. They just have to be recognized by the UN. 

Setting up the idea, The project that I am thinking and the one I would like to try to undertake should be a type of company where employees, partners, shareholders and workers will be Internet citizens. On an existing technology platform or one to be created but it should cover several areas of knowledge and the internet, so its members should be Internet citizens who understand the concept and whose knowledge and income allow them to live in their respective physical countries.

A business project based on services that others might offer too, but those services must be executed in a different way, or a business based in new services of which no one has yet a clue because they do not exist and must be created. A Utopian project.

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