Time does not reach me

You will not have more time, your time is finite.

What you can do is decide: What to do with that time?
Old Clock

Well I propose four "tips" that can help you invest your time better; They have been very useful to me:

Entrepreneur or Freelance

In my experience, it is best to stop working for someone else and start something yourself. It is true that sometimes you will spend more time working than when you were in a job, but you will do it when you decide, at the time you decide and you will be flexible enough to get up and change of activity.

Spend little

That is, if instead of wanting more and more, you choose to simplify your life, you will have more time. If you realize that the phone of two years ago does practically the same as the next launch, you will live less overwhelmed; So you're going to spend less and consequently, you'll need to spend less time earning money.

Do not go into debt

Very related to the previous, but a separate point. Banking products are that: Products. The banks are selling you those products and in the long run, you are going to pay for them. I consider, however, that debts are useful in some cases, but that's not the goal of this short post. If you spend more than you have today, you will spend more time tomorrow paying off yesterday's debts.


I'm a fan of doing exercises, especially jogging, and since I learned on the subject I've become a counselor, for free, to everyone around me. I always describe it to my friends as investing $ 1 with a return of $ 100 the same day. I think many modern problems can be prevented by doing physical activity. For those who have "a lot of work" and believe that they do not have time to exercise, I recommend taking it as the investment that will make the next 3 or 4 hours last more and better.

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