When they say to you: «We'll call you next week...»

Have you felt a product on a shelf when you are looking for a job?

FiredAfter my first three months in Colombia, I already have an interesting topic for discussion.

In spite of my deep conviction about the advantages of being independent, I began to apply for jobs from the moment I arrived to the country, because the idea of ​​starting with a stable income seemed to me the most logical and realistic.

To date, I applied for just over one hundred offers, I am being reviewed in several dozens of applications (computrabajo and other sites), and I have already rejected several in just a looking at my profile.

I was invited to the selection process in five offers, in all a pattern was repeated:

1. Psychometric and/or knowledge tests.

2. Fill a CV through a computerized system (In spite of having already been sent it by mail, to have delivered it printed, besides sharing my profile of LinkedIn, that says more of my trajectory than any other means written).

3. Interviews in English and/or Spanish.

4. And... the infallible «we call you next week, but remember that there are many applicants and we would not have time to call everyone to tell them they were left out» as a farewell, without exception.

Of course, I try to be empathetic and understand the person who is interviewing me and those who serve me during the process. They are also employees and have being found themselves in my position... they might be again in the future.

However, in no case they have called me to tell me that I have not been accepted, even though I have stated clearly that I have no problems with digesting the negatives, I have even told them that I would benefit from knowing the results of the tests.

I think I missed the stage where they changed the name to Human Resources departments for "Human talent", "Human capital" and any of the fashionable euphemisms, but I see that now more than ever the aspirant feels a mere number, Almost like a product on a shelf or a disposable napkin: totally disposable and discarded.

I am objective, I understand that jobs are limited and that there are too many applicants, it is obvious that they will choose the most suitable for each position and they should reject many. What does not have anything human, is to leave the unelected, illusioned, needy, and often anxious after undergoing the selection process. A little sensitivity and willingness of the (also employees) selectors would change this part of the process: it would humanize it.

To this day I maintain a single conviction: I must continue with my project of entrepreneurship, do everything in my power to have my own business and when it comes time to select personnel, I have very clear the issue of how I DO NOT want the future human beings selection department to work.

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