Win-Lose: The Business Deal "colombian style"

The lack of integrity observed, life and business: oppinion from a Cuban

«Yes, of course, tomorrow!»Padlock

That is the end of 98% of the conversations I have had with nationals, where they are "committed" to something with me. The subject can be any: business, favors, information, meeting, party... But as soon as they turn their back it remains: they forgot the promise. And me, accustomed to the fact that the pawned word will be backed up under any circumstance, I end up waiting indefinitely for that "tomorrow".

I do not (yet) understand, Why? What need will someone have to promise what won't fulfill? What need can lead to lie like that and lose the confidence of another person? Is it an intelligent or logical attitude? Is it worth despise something as valuable as trust?

Trust is defined as "the firm hope you have of someone or something." And I would add that, usually, 100% of trust is given at the beginning of any interpersonal relationship and it's subsequently lost irreversibly.

The consequences of this behavior are summarized in family problems, contracts problems, between ex-friends... in short, problems, problems and more problems. Do you want to live like this due something you could avoid?

What is then, the alternative? Some Tips:

  1. Say no, if you can't, you don't want, you do not know, if you do not care, say no. To say no, doesn't make people lose confidence in you, it is an easy to use tool and the others can't be feel offended by your right to say no.

  2. So ... Say yes only to what you want, you can, you know or whatever you be interested in. It will save you stress, it will save you problems.

  3. Love your neighbor as yourself, but apply it, do not do what you do not like to be done to you, do not make promises if you will not going to fulfill them, the wheel of life then will pursues you.

  4. Put another way: keep your merits, to lie devaluates you, lack your word makes you to be worth less for that person to whom you promised something, knowing or not that you were going to default it. Your integrity or the lack of it, will accompany you throughout life.

By applying all this to business you will gain in the following:

  1. Clear, well defined and with clean closures agreements.

  2. Positive recommendations from your customers.

  3. Re-sell to the same person.

What you think is a win-lose Deal is a lose-lose one on the whole Rule

If I have already learned something from Colombians, it's their keen sense about to know when they have a good deals in front of them. If you are from Colombia or anywhere and you act like this, review these principles and evaluate what would be the best deal for you.

Closing this post: personally I think that my way of thinking and acting in this sense is correct and I will not mind being the "weird" who knows how to refuse and also fulfill what he promises; secondly I know that there is a niche market that demands people like this and with services on these bases. I acknowledge that I will have to learn to tolerate a little more to the society that surrounds me. The gratefulness and commitment to this society that has welcomed me, compels me to write and preach this.

It wouldn't be lacked

What I like most about Colombians: they are hardworking, selfless and constant, creative, cults and educated... There is a 2% who knows what I explain here and they act accordingly. If the 98% remaining add a little of this recipe,

How far can this beautiful country come?

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