The Project

You've had some idea from a hunch? This is my idea.


This page is more than a business, it is a project for my friends and close colleagues but it is also an open proposal, as you will see below.

My name is Johann Rodriguez, I am an engineer in Computer Science, a tour guide and I love to jog. Although in my last job they paid me well, I found it too boring and repetitive, which is why I decided to leave it.

I am Cuban, I emigrated and settled in Venezuela in 2013, where I started a company in a time of full recession, which generated more experience than profits, so in 2017 I decided to move to Colombia.

Since I left my country I have intended to support my friends and colleagues. That is why 95% of the people I hired for my projects have been Cubans, all of them were in Cuba at the time of the contract working as a freelancer and having to overcome obstacles that you can not imagine.

"The Project" will work under the premise of collaboration, you can be a Member, Donor, Creator or Client, you will have your place secured and the benefits will correspond with your contributions.

It's been a long road, with many obstacles, but it's still the beginning. Everything you see here is the result of my work, I hope you appreciate it.

If you wish, you can be part of "The Project" in the role that you decide. Welcome!

Thank you very much!



Please, read this too

Maybe you want to be Member or Donor. Maybe you are a Creator or you need one of the services we provide. Maybe you are curious and just want to know more about my ideas. In all cases you have a place and I will appreciate your interest. Thank you again!