Professional Consulting of IT

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Do you have a new idea?
Are you concerned about your technology?
Do you need help on your IT decisions?

Get from 40 hours of advice, choose between the type of service you want and call us when you need. The service can only be face-to-face in the area of Cundinamarca and Bogotá, Colombia (for the moment); Remote to the rest of the world.
Contact us to schedule 15 minutes of videoconference and then decide.


I am Johann and I am the leader of this Project.

I am aware that this is a new and unusual way of contacting a consultant. But, at the same time, I am also convinced that it is very practical, efficient and also cheap.

So, if you need an IT consultant we can have a mutually beneficial relationship. If you have any questions, send them to us or schedule a free 15-minute chat.

Thank you very much,




Computerization strategy

From $6.94

/ hour (starting from 40 hours)
  • Identify your areas to improve
  • Reuse your existing technology
  • Invests only in what is necessary
  • Power your strengths

IT Quotation evaluation

From $6.94

/ hour (starting from 40 hours)
  • Add a trusted third party to your team
  • Objective opinion from outside your business
  • Obtaining competitive quotes
  • Evaluation of offerors' capacities

Software acquisition

From $6.94

/ hour (starting from 40 hours)
  • An idea for each new need
  • Buy, develop or reuse?
  • From Ideas to solutions
  • Feasibility and cost-benefit analysis

1 Question < 15 min = Free Advising

Send us your query

Consulting service

We will be part of your team from outside

Ask, listen, understand

You will get a diagnosis on your case, your problems will be identify.

Proposals, suggestions

Goals and tasks defined, schedule will be established.

Accompaniment and implementation

Action Plan, Changes implementation and training.


Goals achievement and process evaluation.

Terms of the service

Good fences make good neighbors

Prepaid package of 40 hours

You get that time and you use it whenever you need.

Service schedule

Contact your consultant and schedule your meeting.

Time lasts forever

The purchased time doesn't expires.

Hard case? Same price!

If more than one consultant is needed. No extra cost.

Yes, you can pay with any international card accepted by Paypal our payment gateway. You can also pay in your local currency as Paypal is available in almost all the countries.
If you are in Colombia you can pay with deposit or transfer to a national bank account.

Any other Question?

Use the Chat in the corner or Contact Us

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